Message Based Questions

Love Made a Way | 2022-12-04

Message Recap:

Love made a way.

Message Based Questions:

Question 1:

How good are you at following directions? Are you an A-Z instruction person, or are you an A-E-B-M-N-G-Z person? Is this for all instructions, or some? What makes the difference in how you follow them? What has influenced how you follow directions?

Question 2:

Christ is the only way to eternal life. Truth? Why is it that a non-Christian might struggle with that? How do you respond to those who say “one mountain, many paths”? What might help them understand this?

Question 3:

My ways are not your ways- my thoughts not your thoughts. Have you had times when you have had to put aside your way or thoughts in order to follow that of God? How did you realize your thoughts or ways were not of God and needed to be addressed? Outcome of that change? How would you help others to know when they are “out of step” with God?

Question 4:

Christmas. What emotion does the word bring forth in you-why? How do you stay focused on the reason for the season? Is there a Christmas song or Bible verse that sums up your feelings about Christmas?