Message Based Questions

Remember where you Came From/ Remember where you Came From: John 13: 1-17 | 2021-08-01

Message Recap:

Remember where you Came From/ Remember where you Came From: John 13: 1-17

Timing of this passage: Right before the Passover; Jesus knew His time was coming ; Jesus knew He was being betrayed

What does washing feet signify?
1. Customary when entering a house to wash your feet

2. Customary for priests to wash hands and feet when entering the tabernacle (Exodud 30:19-21)

3. Feet/Sandals interchangeable with inheritance
“Everywhere you set your foot” Joshua 1:3
Using sandals as contract Ruth 4:1-1

4. Feet signify movement of Word of God (Romans 10:15)

5. Feet can be a sense of the lowest of low (under someone’s feet; I Corinthians 15:25)

Washing of feet was done by slaves/ people who were under them. Jesus fulfilled all of these.

Jesus showed all of this in his washing of disciples feet:
1. He cleansed them spiritually
2. Cleansed so they could have an unhindered relationship with God
3. He bestowed on them an inheritance
4. A charge to go
5. He put himself under their feet; highest form of humility

“Go tell the others to do the same”

“Remember where you came from”

Jesus is washing their feet indicating they are royalty (and he is the servant). Jesus, who was royalty, became a servant to make them, who were servants, royalty.

We are those servants, Jesus gift is what makes us royalty.
All of us can relate to Ephesians 2:1 “we were dead in our transgressions and sin”—- and no matter what we do on our own, we all were there.

But, accept the gift of God and we have eternal life- sons and daughters of the King- grafted into the vine. Remember where you came from.

2 Corinthians 9:14-15

John 13:2-5
1. Jesus knew his authority
2. Jesus knew where he was from
3. Jesus knew where he was going

How could Jesus wash Judas feet? How could he go to the cross for us? HE REMEMBERED WHERE HE CAME FROM- knew the bigger picture, not just “this moment”.

Philippians 2:9 – and for this, God rewarded him with “name above all names”

As a follower, we are a chosen race
I Peter 2:9-10

“Purified for himself, for his own possession”
Titus 2:14

“…as exiles, abstain from sinful desires, which wage war against your soul.”
I Peter 2:11

I Corinthians 6:7

Luke 6:28

“…. True test is how you respond to those who are horrible to you… that’s what will separate your from anyone else in this world.”
Matthew 5:46-47

Remember where you came from (pre-Christ, alone and in darkness and separated from God) and remember where you came from now (royalty, sons and daughters of the most high God, creator of the universe, forgiven of our sins, new creation in Christ!)

Message Based Questions:

Question 1:

What did Jesus know as he prepared to eat the Passover Meal with his disciples?
Does what Jesus did (serve the disciples), have a greater impact because of what Jesus knew beforehand? If you knew that you had less than 24 hours left to live, would you choose to serve others?

Question 2:

If you knew that you had all authority from God, would you choose to humble yourself and serve? Could you serve someone knowing that they would betray you? What does this tell you about the nature and attitude of Jesus?

Question 3:

Is Jesus leaving a command that we should wash feet, or is he teaching his disciples (and all followers) about something bigger than foot washing? If this is about something bigger, what is the bigger lesson Jesus is teaching?
Can you think of something that is equivalent to washing feet in the first century that most people would not be willing to do today, and/or have you ever found yourself unwilling to do something that Jesus would have done if he were in your shoes?

Question 4:

Do you rush into serving out of a need for an identity or do you serve out of one secure in Jesus? What kind of relationship did Jesus have with those whose feet he washed? What needs to change in your life in order for you to serve and love people the way that Jesus did?