Friday Mens Rally

Join us at the MillCity Men’s Rally and experience the strength and power found in men of God through worship, fellowship and the Gospel message. Learn how to recognize and celebrate your Mile Markers and give the glory to God.

Breaking Chains

A Christ-centered wellness group for men providing a safe place to address the thoughts and behaviors that enslave us. Breaking Chains is a weekly, topic-oriented, 12-step style meeting for men rooted in anonymity and confidentiality. we promote working the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with a sponsor, acknowledging Jesus Christ as your Higher Power, to address the dysfunctional thought patterns that feed your hurts, habits, and hang-ups and hinder your relationship with Christ.

Weekly Small Groups

We have a number of small groups that meet throughout the week. This is an excellent opportunity to become closer to men in the church, and to God. 

Small Groups

We have five different small groups that meet during the week to accommodate various schedules. We hope you are able to find one that fits for you! Send an email to the group leader for more details! 

Monday Nights

@ 6:00 pm

Meets at MillCity Church

Thursday Nights

@ 6:30 pm

Meets at MillCity Church

Friday Mornings

@ 6:30 am

Meets at Shellatte’s in Neenah

Friday Mornings

@ 7:45 am

Meets at MillCity Church

Saturday Mornings

@ 8:30 am

Meets at MillCity Church