From Pastor Steve Spence:

“MillCity Church Family,

Praise God for Amazing Services this Easter as we Celebrated the Resurrection of our Savior!

Sadly, however, there are a number of families who missed yesterday and some previous Services due to Covid 19 contraction and exposure. My family is included in this list.

After prayerful consideration, and given the amount of new positive Covid cases from so many different unrelated directions, I believe we need to take the precautionary position of closing the church for the next 2 weeks. During this time, we will be thoroughly cleaning the buildings and those who have tested positive or been exposed can quarantine so that we can safely resume the Ministry of MillCity Church. It is our plan to re-start normal Services and Ministries as before on Wednesday, April 21.

Part of our consideration is that, to date, since the beginning of this issue last March, we have only had small numbers of cases, typically a family here or there, but right now we have several families at the same time. So we have not had to consider something like this until now.

Also, with the OS Conference just a few weeks out, I believe it is best to take this move now, quarantine, get healthy and get ready for the next season rather than limp along and be forced to do something extreme down the road.

This means all Ministries and meetings need to be cancelled for this entire period of time. If you have the ability and choose to meet Virtually for LifeGroups or other small groups, we do encourage that.

We will continue to offer a Streamed Service during our regularly scheduled Service times during this peron.

Again, while I am saddened to make this decision, I believe it the best course of action for us today. It is my belief that this will pass and we will be able to adequately resume Ministry as God has Called us.

Let’s all agree in Prayer for continued Protection and Wisdom from The Lord as we Faithfully follow Him.”